Another one...

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Another one...

Postby darwin dali »

of these hot blonde chicks (teacher or not) that do it with young boys? Or is she just a dumb bottom blonde?
Do the math in this story:

It's often a mystery to outsiders, but Flavio Briatore is one of F1's most admired and envied men.

The 55-year-old Italian grinningly revealed to Germany's Bild newspaper that he receives 750 letters a day from fans who 'want to know how to become a Briatore'.

Briatore is rich, owns nightclubs and a private beach in Kenya, and is connected with a string of super models.

"He's a charmer," confirmed Ralf Schumacher's wife, Cora.

She added: "I think he's cool. Maybe it's his money, maybe it's his power, but many women want to be with him.

"The life of pure luxury is very impressive to women. Luckily I already have the man of my dreams (Ralf). Then again, Flavio is about half a century too old for me!"

[read: "Luckily I already have my rich pimp and even him every now and then" - what a skanky gold digger!]
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Postby R00DIT »

Quite, bet she lusts after Schumacher senior, or rather the attention that comes with it. Last I heard she was sueing a TV company, more attention no doubt. :roll: