Webber ‘not fine’ with Silverstone team orders

Mark Webber has admitted he ignored Red Bull’s team orders at the end of the British Grand Prix.

The two Red Bulls were fighting on-track for second place towards the end of the British Grand Prix. Many fans were disappointed when a radio transmission between team boss Christian Horner and Webber was broadcast with the team boss telling Webber to “maintain your position” [behind Vettel].

Webber has since admitted that prior to Horner’s message, he was give four or five warnings from his race engineer to not fight his team-mate and to give Vettel some room.

After the race, Horner said he thought that Webber would be frustrated but ultimately OK with the call, emphasising that it was a team decision and not just his own call. Horner clarified that he didn’t want the two team-mates fighting as there was a strong possibility that the pair would have tangled and precious championship points would have been lost.

However Webber disagrees with Horner’s premise and has said he is not happy with the order.

“I am not fine with it, no,” Webber said. “I ignored the team as I wanted to try and get another place.”

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