Webber feared airborne collision

Mark Webber admitted that he was greatly concerned for his health whilst his RB6 was airborne, during his crash with Heikki Kovalainen in the European Grand Prix.

The Australian driver was involved in a spectacular accident while attempting to overtake the slower Lotus. Shades of Riccardo Patrese’s shocking shunt in the 1992 Portuguese Grand Prix were visible as Webber’s car somersaulted into the air before plunging into the adjacent crash barrier.

Although Webber was uninjured in the crash, he later explained that he had been terrified of hitting something while in the sky.

“I was worried about bridges or things that I could hit up in the air,” Webber is quoted as saying by Autosport. “I knew I was involved in a huge crash, and that I was just a passenger.

“But I knew there was a lot of run-off down there, so that was good. I was also happy it was a tyre wall and not the Techpro stuff because that is not as good as the tyres.

“After Singapore, what happened last year, this was a nicer cushioning hit for me. The biggest surprise was being in a Formula 1 race and having someone brake that early. But things like that happen.

“The impact wasn’t too hard. It was okay because I had a massive forward momentum, so that was good.”

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