Vergne sure things will get better for him soon

Jean-Eric Vergne has struggled in 2012 since entering the sport as a rookie. Given that Jaime Alguersuari and Sebastien Buemi were ousted at Toro Rosso at the end of last season, there are rumours that Vergne may suffer the same fate sooner rather than later. However the French F1 driver is confident that things will soon get better for him.

“One of the things you have to learn in Formula One is the very heavy workload; there are many things to learn and understand,” he told Spain’s El Confidencial. “The tyres, for example, are difficult to understand. The results have not yet come but I am progressing step by step with each grand prix — things will get better,” said Vergne.

He said it has surprised him how different formula one is compared with motor racing’s formative categories.

“Each category is a step higher, but this (F1) is unlike anything,” said Vergne. “I have never felt like a rookie anywhere else, but in F1 you are fighting against guys who have been there for 10 or even 15 years, of course making it more complicated. You can not achieve the same technical knowledge in other categories.”

The big risk, however, is that Toro Rosso’s apparently backwards step in 2012 could ultimately be blamed on its drivers.

“This year there have been changes in the area of the exhausts,” Vergne explained. “Some teams have already developed their systems but we are the last. Right now it’s not working well for us but we’re working on it, and when we solve it we will be there again,” he insisted.

Vergne said Red Bull has not imposed certain goals or deadlines for his first season on the grid.

“There are no goals except trying to learn as much as possible and to do some good things in the car. And, yes, maybe Daniel (Ricciardo) has some more experience and I have to work harder to catch him, but it should not be a problem,” he said.


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