Trouble at Spyker?

It has been reported in Holland that the largest shareholders at Spyker want to delist the company from the Euronext stock exchange. The move is said to have been proposed because they want to restructure the company.

Spyker’s share price has suffered in the last few months thanks to the departure of Victor Muller and rumours that they were having financial problems. Rumours state that the car side of the company is dragging the entire company down and the management are thinking about selling of this side of the operation to concentrate on their race teams instead.

Meanwhile, their race driver Christijan Albers may struggle to find a race seat at the team next season according to CEO Michiel Mol. Mol confirmed that they were hoping to hang on to Sutil, even though some of their rivals are interested in the driver.

“And Chris?” Mol said. “After a race or two or three, we will sit down at the table with him. He wants to reach the top but we won’t get there by 2008. He is ready for teams like Williams or Toyota, but is that going to happen? The fact is, it’s pretty remarkable that a rookie is often faster.”

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