Super Aguri cuts 30 jobs

Super Aguri are looking to streamline their operations by restructuring their staff structure and cutting around 30 jobs in order to secure their financial future.

Super Aguri suffered a financial blow in 2007 when main sponsor SS United failed to make the sponsorship payments it had promised. Super Aguri are in the middle of legal proceedings against the company. The shortfall off funds meant that the F1 team had to scale back it s research and development for the year.

Super Aguri are planning to use a Honda customer chassis for the 2008 season. As they are no longer planning to develop their own car, less staff will be needed within the team meaning they can make cut-backs and financial savings. It is understood that the team has not yet made a decision over which staff will be made redundant however the team have pledged to help the cut members of staff find alternative employment within Formula 1.

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