Stoner not tempted by Formula 1

MotoGP champion Casey Stoner has said he is not planning to follow in the footsteps of fellow rider Valentino Rossi by testing a Formula 1 car.

Michael Schumacher recently tested out Stoner s Ducati GP7 bike however Stoner is not contemplating a reciprocal move to F1. “I m not ready for this because I ve never really driven a car,” Stoner explained. “I m sure he has been practicing on bikes and I haven t been in cars.

“I ll wait until I can drive a little bit more before I try a Formula One car. I don t want to jump in without any experience I d rather know what I am doing before I get in one. I ve driven karts a lot but not really a performance car. One day this is something I want to do, but maybe I ll wait some years yet. It will be nice to get some advice from Michael.”

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