Spyker brings forward B-Spec car

SpykerThe Spyker team are looking to boost their performance this season and so have decided to bring forward their planned B-Spec car. The original plan was to have the car debut at the Turkish Grand Prix, however this debut has now been brought forward a month and will be making an appearance at the Nurburgring in July.

“We are actually bringing it forward to Germany,” Mike Gascoyne confirmed. “It is less of an update because we’re doing more updates earlier. The Malaysia package wasn’t originally planned and we’re doing some parts for Barcelona, and hopefully there will be a package for Monaco. So we’re doing more sooner, which is good!

“It’s a new rear end, new gearbox, new radiator layout, new bodywork and so on. Everyone is working hard. We already know that aerodynamically it will be a fairly major step, and there will be a big improvement in the stability of the rear of the car – we are going from rotary to linear dampers. When I was at Toyota, we found that change to be a big step forward in terms of controlling the rear of the car, so we’re pretty confident that we’ll make progress.”

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