Rosberg would welcome McLaren link-up

Nico Rosberg has hinted that he would be prepared to be Lewis Hamilton’s team-mate at McLaren, if the Woking team decides to drop their current driver, Heikki Kovalainen.

Rosberg, who was also linked to BMW before their decision to leave Formula One at the end of the season, has emerged as a firm favourite to replace Kovalainen, after a lacklustre season by the Finnish driver.

Such a move would place Rosberg alongside with his former karting team-mate, Lewis Hamilton – a factor that the 24-year-old German has no problems about.

“I have been team-mate with Lewis before so that wouldn’t be a problem,” Rosberg told Autosport. “It would be fun and very tough also, a combination – sweet and sour.

“I would like a good team-mate for sure,” he added, explaining that any potential team-mate would be a factor in his decision, as he weighs up his options for 2010. “Team-mate is a factor. Potential for development for the future, who the key people in the team are and the management and everything. All these things come into it.

“Budget, salary they are able to pay. I am prepared to put salary last, that’s nowhere near the priority as I really would like to have some good results now.”

Rosberg revealed that his current team, Williams, are also keen to retain his services for next season.

“I’m sure they are very keen to keep me on board,” said the German driver. “I’ve done a good job for them and fit in very well with the team and everything so they are pushing to keep me on board for sure.

“I am still very pleased with my situation. I have various good options and at the moment I am still figuring out what the best way to go is.

“I am close to having a clear picture now of what the options are, I’m still gathering a few bits and pieces.

“I had a discussion with Williams last week to clarify what the situation is. I think sooner or later I’ll be able to progress in a specific direction.”

The German also explained that any decision, about his future, would based on the assumption that he would be able to move further up the grid.

“It’s the next step,” he said. “I want to go further up. I’ve been finishing fourth and fifth and I want to be finishing first and second and third, which is the next step.

“It’s a very important step and I need to judge where I am going to get the highest chance of getting that.”

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