Renault’s new CFD facility

Renault F1Formula 1 champions Renault have announced a $50 million long-term investment in technology after a poor season by their standards which has seen them slip a long way behind the two main 2007 title rivals.

Renault have said the investment would help build a new computational fluid dynamics (CFD) facility at their factory in Enstone. CFD is a method of researching and developing cutting-edge designs. This is especially important in Formula 1 where aerodynamics are one of the most important areas of design.

“This programme of technology investment in the team sends out a strong signal about our commitment to a competitive future in Formula 1,” team boss Flavio Briatore explained.

“While other teams have invested in costly second wind tunnels, we believe that CFD is a technology of the future that will be integral to the design and development of more efficient vehicles,” technical director Bob Bell added.

The new CFD facility will provide Renault with ten times more capacity than they currently have. The construction will meet stringent environmental requirements too, with the centre itself being built below ground and powered by renewable energy sources.

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