Red Bull still puzzled by gearbox failure

Red Bull Racing are still none the wiser as to the cause of their gearbox failure during the Singapore Grand Prix.

Mark Webber was forced to retire from the race after his gearbox tried to select two gears at the same time. Team principal Christian Horner initially stated that they thought the problem was possibly due to static caused by passing tram, however Singapore s tram company have refuted the claims.

Analysis on the gearbox by both Red Bull Racing and third-party suppliers has not come up with a conclusive reason for the failure.

“The post mortem on the gearbox is it is a complete rogue failure,” Christian Horner explained. “Obviously components have gone back to third parties for inspection too which they cannot explain either. It is frustrating.

“At the moment we cannot say specifically what caused the failure, whether it was caused by the bumps or whether it has been caused by static interference.

“It is easy to look at circumstantial evidence and put the blame somewhere else, but we are not pointing any fingers. It was our first gearbox failure of the season and we have to make sure we don’t have another one.”

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