Raikkonen contemplates rallying

Kimi Raikkonen has revealed that when he leaves Formula One, he will not be leaving motor sport instead, the Finnish driver is hoping to try out other sports such as rallying.

“I will not be bored,” Raikkonen declared to German magazine Auto Motor und Sport. “When I leave Formula 1, I will keep going to other races for fun. At some stage I will try rallying that interests me: asphalt, gravel and ice. It must be fun.

“It is difficult to say because I have never taken part in a rally seriously. On asphalt I would probably be OK but on gravel I have no experience. And having a co-pilot with me would be difficult.

“I have spent my whole life in motor sport. I have never had plans to do anything else.”

Raikkonen s comments come as many believe he is weighing up whether to stay with Ferrari, or indeed stay in F1, after 2009 when his current contract expires. There are many who believe that Raikkonen may decide not to race in Formula One any longer.

His comments and interest in rallying perhaps stem from his older brother Rami who is currently a rally driver in Finland.

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