Racism overshadows Barcelona testing

Lewis HamiltonLewis Hamilton and the McLaren team found themselves at the receiving end of racial abuse from Spanish fans whilst testing at Barcelona this weekend. The FIA have warned that sanctions will be taken if the matter is not dealt with.

Some Spanish fans feel that Alonso was not treated fairly by McLaren last season and have chosen to take their feelings out in public on his ex-team-mate, Hamilton. Officials at the circuit did their best to resolve the issue by putting up special fences around the McLaren area in the paddock and removing any abusive banners they found along with posting extra security guards, however the FIA are said to be unhappy with the weekend s events and have warned that further action will be taken if any more racial abuse happens.

Spanish motor sport chiefs have already been requested to provide a full report to the FIA on what action they plan to take to stamp out the racist abuse from the fans there is the possibility that if the FIA are not happy with the report, the country may lose it s Formula One Grand Prixs the country hosts both the Spanish Grand Prix at Barcelona, and the European Grand Prix at Valencia.

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