Pirelli confirms ‘more cautious’ camber advice

Paul Hembery has confirmed that Pirelli has taken a “more cautious” approach to its recommendations about tyre camber.

Worrying blisters emerged on the leading Red Bull cars at Spa two weeks ago, with Adrian Newey admitting the team slightly breached Pirelli’s guidelines about not exceeding 4 degrees of camber.

Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport reports that Pirelli has therefore reduced its recommendation to 3.75 per cent for Monza and beyond.

“We will be more cautious with our recommended values,” Pirelli motor sport director Hembery is quoted as saying by Autosprint, “particularly because of circuits like Monza.

“In truth graining and blistering are not unknown phenomena in the world of racing, but there are limits,” he explained.

Hembery said Pirelli cannot force the teams to obey its recommendations about how to use the tyres, but he warned that failures cannot therefore be ruled out.

“It depends on how clever you are,” said the Briton. “From what I saw on two cars at Spa-Francorchamps, it seemed that someone did not see the same images that I saw.

“Or maybe they didn’t have a high-definition screen,” joked Hembery.


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