Peter Windsor to start American F1 dream team

Journalist and TV pundit Peter Windsor is to start his own Formula One team, based in the US, it has been reported today. British-born Windsor is to team up with former Ligier technical director Ken Anderson to form a team designed to showcase American technological talent, German website reports.

The team plans to use American drivers and personnel wherever possible, operating from a base in Charlotte, North Carolina. Windsor will mastermind the team, which hopes to be on the grid for 2010, using his experience from working with Williams in the 1980s and 1990s. Since then he has been best known for his race reports and editing for F1 Racing magazine, as well as working for various TV channels.

North America is currently without an F1 race, as the Canadian GP was unable to reach an agreement with Bernie Ecclestone for this year s event. NASCAR remains the US premier motosport series, with Indycars the premier open-wheel attraction.

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