Oops – Hamilton crashes auction kart

Lewis Hamilton has crashed the go-kart which he put up for sale on eBay. The kart raised £42,100 at a charity auction.

As part of an Internet promotion for one of his team’s sponsors, Hamilton was driving the kart around a temporary circuit built in Brunswick Square in London. The circuit was narrow and winding and Hamilton pushed the kart to it’s limited. Unfortunately, he bumped the barriers on one of the corners.

“Oops, that was close,” Hamilton said after hitting the barriers. “It’s a bit bent on the back here,” he said apologetically after he examined the damage. He then took the kart back to the pits where auction bidder ‘John’, from Northern Ireland was waiting. Hamilton then swapped into a different kart as his original kart was diagnosed with having a bent axle.

It is perhaps a little unfortunate that the press release before the event claimed that “As well as handing over the kart, Lewis will be demonstrating how best to handle the vehicle and offering the auction winner some top tips to ensure smooth and successful races in the future.”

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