No decision yet on Super Aguri future

The uncertainty over Super Aguri s future continues with the team having to wait until next week when the Honda board will meet.

Super Aguri have been teetering on the edge of financial disaster since a proposed deal with potential investors the Magma Group fell through. Super Aguri boss Aguri Suzuki has had several meetings with Honda chiefs to try and secure the team s future, but nothing has been decided as yet.

Rumours have it that German company Weigl Automotive are keen to help put together a last-minute deal, investing around £6.5 million in the team. Weigl Group boss Franz Josef Weigl met with Super Aguri representatives at the Spanish Grand Prix, but as yet, the rumours of investment have not been confirmed.

It is understood that Weigl and other potential investors is ongoing, and any deal that is agreed on must also be agreed by Honda who have made it clear that they will not provide any more funding for Super Aguri.

It is currently Golden Week in Japan, a series of four public holidays, therefore the earliest that the Honda board can now meet to discuss Super Aguri is mid week next week. Super Aguri are still hopeful that the will be able to come to an agreement with a new investor and as such, are preparing as normal for the Turkish Grand Prix.

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