‘No chance’ hazy Singapore GP will be cancelled

There is “no chance” the Singapore grand prix will be called off due to poor visibility, race organisers said on Thursday.

It is a cloudy and humid day in the city-state, with weather forecasts predicting possible rain throughout the race weekend.

Additionally, forest fires in nearby Indonesia have cast a haze over the skies, with the pollutant standards index recording a mere “moderate” air quality according to the Straits Times Indonesia.

Together with the risk of rain in the artificial light, there have been suggestions the race could be called off.

“There’s a regulation that says that if we can’t see a certain distance, then we don’t race,” confirmed McLaren driver Jenson Button.

But race organiser Singapore GP’s technical director Lawrence Foo said visibility is not a major concern.

“I (have) noticed it, but out in the open, it’s not too bad. We don’t expect any problems”, he said.


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