Nissan Create New Series…

Nissan has been heavily involved in motorsport since the 1960s, but more recently through their dedicated NISMO (Nissan Motorsport International Limited) division. Despite their participation in a number of series including JTCC, JSPC, Formula Nippon, Le Mans 24 Hours and Super GT, Nissan has so far avoided the World of Formula One – partly due to their unique alliance with Renault. However, not to be outdone, Japan’s third largest car manufacturer has been seemingly dragged kicking and screaming into a whole new motorsport series!

The new series, named after and starring the Qashqai car model, has been featured in numerous internet virals and describes itself as “the sport where anything can happen”. The audacious stunts featuring the 2009 model are hardly going to cause Bernie Ecclestone sleepless nights, but should serve as a reminder to the FIA that a sport doesn’t require slick tyres, ridiculous wings and overpaid drivers to be enjoyable…

To find out more, see the ‘Spanner League’ website here.

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