New investors for Super Aguri?

Another set of investors have shown an interest in Super Aguri. The Leafield-based team have been struggling since a deal with the Magma Group fell through last month and the future of the team is currently hanging in the balance.

Earlier this week, it was rumoured that there was at least one potential investor interested in the shape of German automotive company, the Weigl Group. However it appears that two Spanish investors, Alejandro Agag and Adrian Campos, are also interested in the team.

Agag and Campos currently own a GP2 team and were in talks with Super Aguri earlier in the year about a possible sale of Super Aguri. However talks fell through and the Magma Group looked to be the most likely source of funding. With the deal falling through and with Honda seemingly unkeen on the Weigl Group s rescue because it relates only to a short-term injection of cash rather than a full buyout, the Agag-Campos offer is starting to look like one of the most attractive offers on the table.

Should the Agag-Campos deal not be suitable, there are rumours that a couple of Spanish companies Telefonica and Repsol are keen to setup a Spanish F1 team and may look to buy Super Aguri.

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