Mosley: Why I refuse to resign

FIA president has revealed that he has had more letters of support than letters calling for his resignation over the scandal over his private life that is currently overshadowing Formula One.

Speaking to British newspaper the Daily Telegraph, Mosley said, “The fundamental reason I refuse to resign is that many of the people who elected me, the presidents of all these clubs, have written to me and for every letter that says ‘I think you should step down’, I’ve had seven that say ‘you’ve absolutely got to stay'”.

“It would be impossible to turn around to the great majority and say ‘no, I’m going to walk away’. My inclination is to stay and fight.”

Mosley is still insistent that he has done no wrong and believes that how he conducts his private life should not have a bearing on his role as FIA president.

“I think most adults would say that whatever in that spectrum somebody does, provided it’s among consenting adults in private, concerns nobody but the people doing it. I don’t see it as a moral issue, it doesn’t hurt anybody,” he continued..

“A surprising number of people in motor sport have been amazingly supportive and it’s really quite touching. Bernie has been supportive and thinks the scandal is disgusting, but he’s got to get on and run his business.

“It’s interesting that none of the heavyweights in the sport have said anything, the people who really are the opinion formers in Formula One.”

Mosley has also revealed that at June s Extraordinary General Assembly meeting, he will be happy to abide by whatever the FIA recommend about his future.

“I’ll say ‘this is what’s happened, do you want me to go or do you want me to stay?’ And it’s a matter for them, not for old drivers and things of that kind. If they wish me to continue, I will continue. If they don’t, obviously I’ll stop.”

Mosley also announced his intention that if he is permitted to remain as FIA president, he intends to step down at the end of his term in 2009.

“That was always my intention,” he said. “I was never going to go beyond 2009. I kept quiet about it because the day you say you’re going to stop, you lose your influence.

“Normally, I would have announced it in about a year’s time, but I will tell them that would be my intention.”

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