Montoya: I don’t miss F1

Juan Pablo Montoya has aimed fire at F1, blasting the look of this year’s cars and insisting he does not regret walking away.

The winner of 7 grands prix left McLaren in the midst of the 2006 season, switching immediately to Nascar. Still in America’s premier motor racing category and a few pounds heavier than in his F1 days, the now 36-year-old Colombian was asked if he has ever regretted the move.

“Not for a second,” he is quoted by Switzerland’s Motorsport Aktuell. “Of course I have some fond memories of Formula One, but I don’t miss it. I miss some of the people I met there. But the racing? Not at all.”

Montoya admits he still watches some races, but has “very little interest” overall.

“F1 is a joke,” he blasted. “It’s sad they can build cars like that – just look at the new noses.”


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