Montezemolo: Winning via courts would be worthy

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has said that even if Ferrari win this season s championship because McLaren are punished, it will still be a worthy victory and that he has no qualms about winning because of a penalty to their main rivals.

McLaren face a second FIA World Motor Sport Council hearing tomorrow which will see new evidence in the espionage saga revealed.

“If the conditions for an off-track victory were met then we would deserve it because it would have originated from the presupposition that the winners won through illegal, unsporting and unfair means,” Montezemolo explained.

However Montezemolo did admit that the whole spying issue had not been good for Formula 1. “It s an issue that damages Formula 1 and the least said about it, the better,” he said. “It is in our interest that this ugly story ends quickly and, most of all, that it ends with the truth.”

Montezemolo then went on to add that the current situation is tough on the team. “I felt bad about Monza,” he continued. “We can t lose races for the lack of reliability. I don t like it and I hope we can do better on Sunday and that we will get back to winning ways.

“At Monza, Massa could do a good race but we stopped too many times this year for the lack of reliability, which is a fundamental factor. Reasonably, I would say that it is very hard to win the drivers championship, but the unpredictability of Formula 1 is big. Obviously the numbers are against us.”

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