Mercedes to look for wheel explanation

Ross Brawn has confirmed that Mercedes will launch an investigation into the pit stop problem which resulted in Nico Rosberg’s car shedding its right rear tyre.

The German was forced to retire from Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix, as his tyre bounced down the pit lane and into the path of a Williams mechanic.

Although the tyre did not seriously injure anyone, the team boss has vowed to prevent it happening again.

“It appears that as the guy came off with the wheel gun, it spat the wheel nut but he didn’t see it disappear,” Brawn is quoted by Autosport.

“He went back on, fired the gun and realised the nut was no longer there so came back out to grab the other gun and the rear jack guy thought he had finished, so he dropped the car and away he went.

“I think we understand what happened and we will clearly look at how we can prevent it happening again.”

He added: “When the gun went on to take the nut off, the gun hadn’t engaged properly so the nut was off the axle and it spat it out. The guns are so quick and powerful now you don’t see the nut travelling at the speed of light.”

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