McLaren team up with London Science Museum

lrg-import-mtc-mclaren-electronics2[1]McLaren are teaming up with the London Science Museum to demonstrate to fans how Formula One technology can be applied off the track in other fields of research.

The free exhibition, entitled “Fast Forward: 20 ways F1 is changing our world” will open on March 11 ahead of the new season and will feature McLaren’s 2006 challenger, the MP4-21, as its centrepiece.

“British engineers, designers and strategists are at the forefront of Formula One,” Professor Chris Rapley CBE, director of the Science Museum. “They are world experts at pushing the boundaries of materials, technology and teamwork.

“The outcome is not only a formidable presence on the grand prix track, but a stream of products and innovations that spin out into the world around us, improving our quality of life and the UK s commercial competitiveness. This new exhibition gives a fascinating insight into the lesser-known benefits of the McLaren Group and Formula One.”

In addition to the MP4-21, fans will also get the chance to see the world’s first production monocoque wheelchair, a carbon fibre table created by esteemed F1 designer John Barnard, and other medical equipment using lightweight materials pioneered in Formula One.

McLaren CEO Ron Dennis hailed the level of collaboration between teams and designers to deliver innovations such as this as “phenomenal”.

“F1 complies with unbelievably high standards delivered under extreme pressures, when the difference between success and failure is measured in few tenths of a second,” he said.

“Today this incredible engineering asset is available to other fields of research and innovation to the benefit many people in their everyday lives.

“The spirit of innovation and continuous research that British teams, mechanics and engineers have fostered over the decades in the world of motorsport and even outside is phenomenal.

“As Chairman and CEO of the McLaren Group I believe that this expertise can become an example for many of the UK s hi-tech industries as we aim to power through these difficult times in the ascent out of recession.”

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