McLaren May Face Further Sanctions

The controversial issue which marred the Australian Grand Prix weekend looks set to continue to run with the FIA potentially looking to take further action against McLaren.

It is understood that McLaren may be hauled before the FIA s World Motor Sport Council in Paris over lying to the stewards over the overtake under Safety Car conditions during the 2009 Australian Grand Prix. It is believed that the FIA have decided that driver Lewis Hamilton has already paid the price for the incident and will face no further action however the FIA are currently debating whether McLaren should face further sanctions.

Should the FIA choose to take further action against McLaren, it would not be for the first time in recent years. In 2007 McLaren were fined a record $100 million for cheating. McLaren have already suspended Sporting Director Dave Ryan from the team pending further investigations.

The news comes as it was revealed that current F1 champion Lewis Hamilton was prepared to quit the sport over the incident. It has emerged that he contacted Max Mosley to express his frustration that he had been led by his team into giving false details to the stewards over the Safety Car incident. He is also rumoured to have said he was so disenchanted with Formula One he was considering quitting the team and the sport, however Mosley is thought to have advised the young driver not to follow this route.

Having spoke to Mosley, Hamilton and his father are then understood to have demanded that McLaren allow him to hold a press conference to issue his apology and to lay the blame firmly at the feet of Dave Ryan.

The fact that Hamilton was prepared to leave the team raises issues over the relationship between the driver and the team leaving many questioning whether the relationship can ever be repaired and whether Hamilton may possibly look to switch teams at the end of the season.

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