McLaren ECU to blame for Ferrari woes?

Rumours have it that Ferrari-McLaren relations are still at a low point with Ferrari supposedly unhappy with the new McLaren developed ECU that all teams are using this season.

Ferrari have had a poor start to the season both engines failed during the race in Australia last weekend, and Kimi Raikkonen also endured a fuel pressure problem that stranded him on the grid on Saturday. Ferrari have investigated all three incidents at some have suggested that they have found nothing wrong with their own engines and they believe that all three problems were down to the new ECU.

However, Ferrari are not dwelling on the situation and are hoping to ensure that the failures do not happen again. “This kind of thing can happen when you are working with one procedure that you do not know so well,” a spokesperson said in an interview with GP Week. “Now we know there is a conflict we can make sure it does not happen again.”

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