Lotus Group Unhappy at Litespeed’s Team Lotus F1 Entry

Lotus Cars Limited and Group Lotus Plc have announced they are distancing themselves from Litespeed, a British Formula 3 squad formed by ex-Lotus employees who have revealed they are planning to enter F1 in 2010 under the Lotus flag. In a statement, Lotus have implied they may even be willing to take legal action to protect their brand image.

“Group Lotus plc and its subsidiary Lotus Cars Limited, the manufacturer of the legendary Lotus Elise and global high technology engineering consultancy, are not connected or affiliated to, nor in any other way associated with the newly-announced ‘Team Lotus’ that has submitted an entry 2010 Formula 1 championship,” the statement from Lotus reads. “Group Lotus plc will take all necessary steps to protect its name, reputation and brand image.”

Lotus are not the first who are not happy about the use of their name in potential 2010 F1 applicants. The Brabham family have also said that they will be challenging Formtech who are intending to use the Brabham name to enter F1 next season.

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