Loeb approaches USF1

Rally star Sebastian Loeb has reportedly been in contact with new-for-2010 F1 outfit USF1, concerning a drive for next season.
The Citroen world champion has often stated his intent to cross over from the World Rally Championship, and possible destinations
also include Toro Rosso.

“I m getting as big a kick as ever out of driving a WRC car, and I’m about to extend my deal with Citroen. However, if the opportunity arose to race in one or several grands prix in 2010 when the rally and F1 schedules do not clash, then why not?” the Frenchman told L’Equipe newspaper.

“Rather than constantly asking myself the question what could I do in F1? , I might as well give it a go.

“At least then I would be sure.”

Peter Windsor, one of the founder members of USF1, has said that although he would have preferred American drivers to reaffirm the
squad’s Stateside credentials, the testing ban would mean it would be better to hire a safe pair of hands.

He confirmed that Loeb’s agents had approached his team.

“Loeb has an incredible rallying pedigree and would surely do great things in F1,” he said.

Loeb is sponsored by Red Bull, however. This makes a Toro Rosso drive marginally more likely than the USF1 one, although neither current
STR drivers have yet warranted being dropped.

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