Let battle (of the words) commence

Lewis Hamilton, newly announced as the second-seat driver for McLaren, has said he is ready to take on Fernando Alonso at McLaren. He knows there is a lot of pressure on him but he is taking racing in the same team as Alonso as a positive – he reckons he can learn a lot, and as noone is expecting him to beat Alonso at the start, some of the pressure is reduced.

Meanwhile, Anthony Davidson has said he can’t wait to start battling with Jenson Button in next season’s championship. Button and Davidson have raced against each other on and off in the past, starting at age 8 in karting, although they have not been in direct competition for the past nine years. Davidson is looking forward to the battle, and stating he thinks it’s great that there are so many British drivers on the grid.

Also in the news, Nelson Piquet Senior, triple world champion in the 1980s, has warned Giancarlo Fisichella that his racing seat in the Renault team could be under threat by his son who is currently the test driver for Renault. “Nelsinho is going to have an apprenticeship year, but in his first test, he was already quicker than Kovalainen,” Piquet Senior told journalists. “This is really the issue. If Kovalainen is faster than Fisichella, then the possibility of Nelsinho racing from Renault is much bigger, even for 2007, even during next season.”

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