Kubica attracts ‘covetous glances’

TheissenBMW boss Mario Theissen accepts that Robert Kubica has attracted considerable interest as a result of his first career victory in Montreal, but he insists that the team are in ‘no rush’ to announce their driver line-up for 2009.

Robert Kubica has become one of the hottest properties on the driver market following his Canadian triumph, the latest ‘silly-season’ rumours linking the Pole to Ferrari for next year.

“Good results attract covetous glances,” said Theissen, acknowledging the impact of BMW’s first win in the F1 paddock. “Other teams think one or other driver is responsible.” And other drivers think the credit lies with the car.”

However, BMW’s Director of Motorsport has made it clear that BMW will not be rushed when it comes to choosing next year’s driver line-up.

“As far as the driver situation at the team for 2009 is concerned, we are in no rush with our discussions. We won’t be commenting on any developments in this area until they reach a conclusion.”

Theissen also refused to rule Kubica out of the world championship hunt, despite acknowledging before Canada that such a feat would be ‘unrealistic’.

“Nobody who is at the top of the Drivers’ World Championship after seven races is there by accident,” said the German. “The team and drivers have been working their way gradually towards the top of the standings over two years.”

“We certainly won’t be taking our foot off the gas now, but instead pushing forward at full power. We can talk about the results at the end of the season.”

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