Kaltenborn has ‘big plans’ for Sauber

Monisha Kaltenborn has revealed she has “very big plans” for Sauber.

Named by founder and team principal Peter Sauber as his forthcoming successor, the 41-year-old Indian is in effect already leading the Swiss team at grands prix. She will take over in earnest at some point in the foreseeable future, thus officially becoming the first female team principal in the sport’s history.

“I have very big plans for the team,” she told the APA news agency in Barcelona. “I am very happy with the trust that has been put in me,” Kaltenborn, whose current title is chief executive officer, added.

She said she is not bothered that she is not yet the team boss in title.

“For me, it’s never been important,” said the lawyer. “There are more important things.”


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