Irvine’s take on the weekend’s drama

According to ex-Formula 1 driver Eddie Irvine, Lewis Hamilton s true arrogance is starting to peek through from his cleaner than clean image. “Lewis is playing a particularly polished and clever game when it comes to appearing cleaner-than-clean, but his arrogance is starting to come out now,” Irvine remarked.

In his column for Virgin Media, Irvine was shocked at the disrespect Hamilton showed his boss Ron Dennis after he failed to move aside on-track to let Alonso through during qualifying, a move which allegedly caused Alonso s pit-stop saga.

“Success is starting to go to his head,” Irvine continued. “The way he behaved in Hungary is beyond belief. I have no respect for people who disrespect their team managers and Lewis is rapidly beginning to lose mine.”

Irvine has also criticized Alonso for his part in the weekend s drama stating “a two-time world champion should have more brains than he does. To block Lewis in qualifying was one of the most stupid things I ve ever seen and it reminded me of Michael Schumacher’s move on Jacques Villeneuve at Jerez in 1997. I can’t condone cheating, but if you must do it, there’s got to be a subtler way!”

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