Heidfeld unhurt in Hungarian Grand Prix accident

Nick Heidfeld has confirmed that he was not injured in the bizarre accident at the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend.

As Heidfeld retired from the race, the sidepod of his Renault exploded. A marshal was struck by some of the debris and was shown to be limping away from the car.

As yet, there is no word on how badly injured the marshal is from the accident. Heidfeld, however, has confirmed that he was not injured in the accident.

“I had a fire in Barcelona, but I wasn’t worried there at all – but this one got quite close,” Heidfeld explained. “This time I felt the heat, so I had to get out quickly.

“Nothing happened to me. I’m not burned — my suit was black even before I got in!”

Team boss Eric Boullier has blamed Heidfeld for the accident claimed that the car was not designed to run at high revs whilst stationary for such a long period of time.

Source: GMM

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