Hamilton’s mum might not make it to Melbourne

Lewis Hamilton’s mother, Carmen Hamilton, has revealed that she is currently so short of cash she may not be able to see her son make his Formula 1 debut. She has stated she really wants to go to Melbourne in March to see Hamilton race, and has entered competitions in order to try and win tickets.

Carmen, who has been separated from Lewis’s father Anthony since Lewis was two years old, has said she doesn’t believe he will be distracted from his driving by the Formula 1 girls because he is devoted to his girlfriend of two years, Jodia.

Anthony Hamilton, who is now Lewis’s manager and who brought Lewis up, worked hard to ensure that his son got the best possible start in the sport, often holding down three jobs at a time to ensure he had the funds to support his son’s racing talent.

Carmen added,  “Lewis has a racing life with his dad and his normal life when he comes over to my house. We go out for a meal or go bowling. I am his biggest fan. I am so proud of him.”

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