Hamilton Snr points finger at son’s management

Anthony Hamilton has criticised his son’s management team as the 2008 world champion returned to the headlines for the wrong reasons.

McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton clashed twice with his 2008 title nemesis Felipe Massa in Singapore, and afterwards almost came to blows with the diminutive Brazilian.

“We’re all pretty hot here,” said his boss Martin Whitmarsh smiled and shrugged.

“Felipe grabbed Lewis slightly aggressively but I think Lewis acted with restraint and walked away from any potential confrontation.”

Briton Hamilton, 26, was heard to shout “Don’t touch me, man” to Ferrari’s Massa and then left the circuit in his sweaty overalls without completing his media duties.

“I called to him two times, but he didn’t listen to me, he went past me. He didn’t even look to me,” said Massa.

“I said ‘like that you will win many championships’. Maybe his father can do something about it,” Massa said sarcastically.

According to Bild newspaper, triple world champion Niki Lauda sided with Massa: “I don’t understand how a guy with Hamilton’s talent can be always so stupid.”

Indeed, Hamilton Snr – who split professionally with his son before last season – pointed at a failure of management. Lewis’ career is now handled by celebrity manager Simon Fuller’s XIX Entertainment.

“You look up and down the pitlane and every driver, except for Lewis, has a driver-manager in his life, not people from a company,” said Hamilton, in Singapore to be with his new charge, Force India’s Paul di Resta.

“Formula one drivers need people personally involved in the driver’s lives because it is a big pressure,” he insisted.

“You sign up a formula one driver, so come and do your job. No disrespect to anybody but that’s how this business is.

“I have seen Lewis and he is fine. It is hard right now but he will come back, there is no doubt about that.”


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