Hamilton s toilet break leaves media guessing

lrg-1510-f1gp03bah0882“There’s a question mark over fuel loads and we won’t get an answer to that until the first pit stops tomorrow afternoon,” reflected Kimi Raikkonen after qualifying.

Indeed, the rumor in the Istanbul paddock is that Hamilton fudged it on the option tyres while gunning for pole on a lighter fuel load.

The theory seems to be grounded on an over-zealous interpretation of the Englishman’s body language in the post qualifying press conference than any sound insight. Hamilton reportedly spent most of the press conference downcast, cursing his decision to run on the hard tyres and fidgeting throughout Kovalainen’s turn in front of the microphone. Following a mid-session toilet break – and if the conspiracy theories are true, a briefing with his PR minders – Hamilton returned a different man.

Who wouldn’t? One wonders if the assembled media, in their quest to read something deeper into the Hamilton psyche, overlooked the significance of one of our most basic bodily functions.

"I just need the toilet, that’s all," the man from Stevenage explained.

Leaving aside the significance of Hamilton’s use of the Istanbul facilities, why run a light and aggressive strategy on the hard compounds? Surely if you’re struggling to find the speed on the softs, the long game beckons?

It wouldn’t be a total surprise to see the McLaren ace run longer into the race than his rivals. He has form after all. Recall 2007, the 23-year-old had an extra six laps of fuel than the Ferraris at the time of his tyre failure and was beginning to close on Kimi Raikkonen in second place.

And his infamous charge through the pack in the 2006 GP2 race reminds us all of just how quick he can be around Istanbul Speed Circuit.

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