Gribkowsky lawyers ask for F1 scandal to end

Jailed banker Gerhard Gribkowsky’s lawyers have asked Munich prosecutors to drop the charges accusing him of corruption.

Bernie Ecclestone is also involved in the affair surrounding the sale of F1’s commercial rights some years ago, with former BayernLB risk officer Gribkowsky receiving from the sport’s chief executive millions in suspect payments.

But Gribkowsky’s lawyer Rainer Bruessow said the prosecutors’ case is “far fetched” and built upon only selective evidence and “massive omissions”, according to Bloomberg news agency and the Financial Times.

“Munich prosecutors’ didn’t comply with the necessary diligence and responsibility a German investigative authority needs to adhere to,” the statement added.

A spokesperson for the prosecutors however insisted that the claims of Gribkowsky’s lawyers are “totally unfounded”.

The media reports said the story has emerged while a Munich court is considering whether to proceed.

“It’s of no use trying to influence the court’s pending decision with public statements,” the spokesperson added.

Source: GMM

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