Grand Prix du Canada 2007 – Lap by Lap Report

Lewis Hamilton starts from pole for the 70 lap race around the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, alongside his team-mate Fernando Alonso. Heidfeld lines up in third with Raikkonen completing the two front rows of the grid. The weather for the race is good with light scattered cloud, little chance of rain, 53 degrees track temperature, 27 degrees air temperature, 54% humidity.

Before the start, Albers is pushed from the back of the grid with gearbox problems.

On the parade lap, Alonso is slow away. As the cars circulate, stewards kick dry ice from the pit lane exit.

Lap one, Albers to start from the pit lane. Hamilton holds position, Heidfeld attacks, Alonso runs wide at turn one and loses position rejoining ahead of Massa. Raikkonen drops to sixth behind Rosberg, after touching the back of his team-mates car. Jenson Button fails to leave the grid, and is pushed away.

Lap two, Hamilton pulls out a gap of 1.596 seconds over Heidfeld. Jenson retires with gear selection issues.

Lap four, Webber spins but recovers after battling with Kubica toward the first corner.

Lap eight, Coulthard passes Barrichello down the back straight for twelfth position.

Lap nine, Scott Speed hits Alexander Wurz at turn eight and retires with front suspension damage. Alex Wurz continues but with rear wing damage.

Lap ten, Hamilton leads by seven point seven seconds over Heidfeld, who leads Alonso by over two seconds. Kimi Raikkonen runs wide at turn eight and rejoins, some eighteen seconds off the lead.

Lap thirteen, Liuzzi touches the wall and continues. Kovalainen overtakes Wurz for position along the back straight.

Lap fifteen, Alonso runs wide in turn one ahead of Massa, losing two seconds to the Brazilian. Webber outbrakes himself into the hairpin, attempting to pass Liuzzi, Liuzzi retakes the position.

Lap twenty, Alonso runs wide again in turn one and Massa takes advantage.

Lap twenty-one, Coulthard complains of tyre issues “not good but fun”. Heidfeld pits and rejoins in-front of team-mate Kubica.

Lap twenty-two, McLaren mechanics rush into the pits. Hamilton pits after fastest sector 1 and 2 times. Good stop, rejoining ahead of Kimi Raikkonen.

Double yellow flags waved, safety car deployed after Sutil crashes his Spyker into the wall. Alonso and Rosberg pit before the pit lane closes.

Lap twenty-six, Massa and Raikkonen pit together when the pit lane reopens.

Lap twenty-seven, Hamilton leads as the safety car pulls back in. Heidfeld is second with Alonso third. Rosberg and Alonso under investigation for entering the pit lane during safety car.

Kubica crashes at 170mph at the hairpin. Pushed onto the grass by a Toyota, the BMW launches into the air hitting one wall, before rolling over and bouncing off another on the other side of the track. Safety car deployed, unusually not the typical Mercedes one.

Both Alonso and Rosberg to do stop-go penalties for driving into the pits under the safety car.

Lap thirty, pits reopen. Kubica is taken from his car; the front of tub (the only part of the car intact) appears heavily damaged.

Lap thirty three and race restarts. Hamilton leads, Heidfeld is asleep on the restart some two seconds behind.

Lap thirty five, Raikkonen runs wide at the chicane and is overtaken by Takuma Sato in the Super Aguri.

Lap thirty seven, Davidson was in third place, but outbrakes at the final chicane and enters the pit. He parks up at his garage but his mechanics weren t expecting him. Kubica is stable. Nico Rosberg and Jarno Trulli spin together at turn one without colliding. Both continue.

Lap thirty eight, David Coulthard retires with gearbox heat problems. Alonso begins his charge back to the front of the field.

Lap forty seven, Alonso begins to close in on Raikkonen, who has been unable to overtake the Super Aguri of Sato in ten laps.

Lap forty eight, Hamilton pits taking on super-soft tyres for the final twenty-two laps. He rejoins ahead of Heidfeld. Alonso is less than quarter of a second behind Raikkonen as they cross the line. Raikkonen appears to have a broken wing, possibly from the impact with Massa at the start of the race.

Lap forty nine, Alonso runs over the kerbs at turn eight and appears to lose traction, possibly jumping the car out of gear.

Lap fifty, safety car deployed due to debris at turn eight, from Albers launching his car across the kerbs two laps earlier, destroying his front wing.

Lap fifty two, Massa and Fisichella given the black flag for exiting the pit lane under the red light.

Raikkonen and Alonso pit together and exit together, but with Alonso ahead.

Lap fifty six, Liuzzi hits the Wall of Champions and Alonso runs wide at turn one and Raikkonen retakes the position. Safety car redeployed.

Lap fifty eight, Jarno Trulli crashes at turn one after exiting the pit lane.

Lap sixty, the race restarts, once again, with Hamilton leading Heidfeld. Alonso passes Schumacher for seventh, behind Raikkonen.

Lap sixty three, Barrichello pits from third, Wurz takes third but may have to stop again.

With five laps remaining Sato passes Ralf Schumacher down the back straight. Sato now closes down Fernando Alonso.

Three laps to go and Sato passes Alonso down the back straight!

Hamilton crosses the line to start his final lap.

Lewis Hamilton wins his maiden victory in Formula One. Heidfeld second, Wurz third, with Kovalainen, Raikkonen, Sato sixth, Alonso, Schumacher, Webber, Rosberg, Davidson and finally Barrichello.

From Hamilton s radio conversation it appears Kubica has broken his leg.

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