Glock wants wins for Toyota

Timo Glock has spoken about his desire to take Toyota’s promise to the top step of the podium in the very near future.

The Japanese team, which is based in Cologne in Germany, has by its own standards performed very well this year. The main exception was Monaco, where the unique characteristics of the track did not at all suit the car. But Glock says that each race brings a new chance for the squad.

“I was always careful about talking about the first win. I always said we had to concentrate on developing the car race by race and that’s still my opinion. But there is a chance every race to be up there,” the German told Autosport.

Glock, who has enjoyed his most successful season to date this year, pointed to the improvement that the TF109 was on its predecessor.

“We have made a good step from 2008 to 2009. Okay, we have different tyres and a different aerodynamic configuration, but I would say that the car is better in every area.

“It has better stability. You can drive the car more aggressively and not have to pick a window where it is working. Last year, when you lost the car, you lost it quite unpredictably. We improved that already last year and we have made more improvements this year.”

The Toyota team will be racing in front of a large number of its employees at the Nurburgring next weekend, as will the Mercedes-Benz and BMW concerns.

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