Gene – Ferrari has been legal all season

Ferrari’s test driver Marc Gene has played down the FIA’s clamp-down on flexible floors and said that the Ferrari car has been legal all season. Gene stated that the Ferrari engineers did slightly modify the under-body of the F2007 after the rule was clarified early on in the season however the changes were not because the car was illegal.

“Our car has been legal all season,” Gene said. “We made some adjustments to pass the test and it made no difference to our lap times. I see this as an issue that affects all team, not just us. Our floor moves only so it doesn’t break in the event of an impact.”

Meanwhile, Ferrari are aiming to improve their lap times by two or three tenths per second to ensure that they stay in touch with McLaren.

“We will race in Barcelona with important aerodynamic modifications,” Gene explained.  “It will be our first major update of the year and we want it to deliver between two and three tenths.”

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