Ferrari test 2012 front wing in Korea

Ferrari is testing a new front wing in Korea practice this weekend in line with the aggressive philosophy of its 2012 car.

Italian and Spanish media reports have revealed that Maranello’s next single seater is known internally as ‘663’. Italiaracing reports that the wing tested in Korea on Friday is “inspired by Red Bull’s design”.

Designer Nikolas Tombazis confirmed recently that the front wing “represents a different approach in terms of how it works”.

“We can therefore try and learn as much as possible right away,” he said.

The 2012 car is reportedly very low with a higher driving position and longer wheelbase than the current 150 Italia.

Other Italian sources say that, so focused is the team on 2012, boss Stefano Domenicali and technical head Pat Fry travelled back and forth to Italy between the long-haul Asian races in Japan and Korea.

The 663 reportedly also features Red Bull-style rear suspension, allowing more efficient airflow.

“The Red Bull is not just a diffuser but a very complete car, and I am sure that if the first race (of 2012) would take place now they would still have an advantage.

“Our challenge between now and March is to avoid that,” said Fernando Alonso.


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