Ferrari struggling with KERS

Ferrari teamFerrari have admitted experiencing major setbacks while developing their Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) and have greatly exceeded their budget for the device.

The KERS systems, which harness waste energy under braking and turn it into additional power for the driver to access via a ‘boost button’, are due to be introduced next year in a bid to make Formula One more economically and environmentally sustainable.

Ferrari however, who are believed to be behind schedule in comparison to the other teams, have concealed that they have been unable to develop their device within budget.

“It’s a great challenge, but the cost has exceeded our expectations, “Technical Director Aldo Costa, Engine and Electronics Director Gilles Simon and Planner Nikolas Tombazis said

“As far as the engine and the electronics are concerned costs went down, but with the KERS we spent much more than we had planned.”

“We’re working a lot on the energy recovery system. We’re a bit behind on our schedule, but our goal is to be ready with a working KERS for the first race, which will be held in Australia. Meanwhile we’re also appraising the car without KERS.”

Ferrari are due to complete their 2008 testing programme in Portugal on Wednesday.

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