Ferrari still to run tobacco logos?

FerrariThere is confusion over Ferrari’s sponsorship with tobacco giant Phillip Morris in 2007. They are the last team in Formula 1 to be associated with a cigarette brand after widespread tobacco advertising bans recently came into force in many areas.

At this year’s launch, the new F2007 was seen without any form of tobacco branding on it, and Malboro is no longer in their team name. However Luca Colajanni, head of Ferrari’s press office, refused to completely rule out the use of tobacco advertising at Grands Prix in 2007. “Ferrari will run the complete (Marlboro) livery where and when it is appropriate to do it, according to the local laws and to a number of various other reasons,” he stated.

Talking about whether tobacco logos will be on the 2007 car in Melbourne, Colajanni replied, “We will do what it will be appropriate to do. You just need to check the local laws.”

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