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Ferrari launch F10 for 2010

Ferrari have launched their 2010 challenger in a blaze of publicity today. The new car was unveiled online and was followed by millions of people on the internet in real time.

The F10, as the car has been called, is similar in appearance to its immediate predecessor the F2009. The main differences appear to be a slightly raised nose with ridges running along the side, which has presumably been added to improve airflow over the car, and a different livery, with new sponsor Santander’s logo taking dominant positions. The front wing also appears more intricate.

Team boss Stefano Domenicali left observers in no doubt as to the car’s importance.

“This championship will be very important for us,” he said.

“The last championship, for different reasons, was not very positive, that is why we are dealing with this one looking to be competitive – and this is what Ferrari deserves to have.”

He added: “We have two new drivers, why two new drivers? Fernando Alonso, is a twice world champion and we will say after the second one he will have a third one. He already appears among the big champions in F1, it is the right moment for him, for us, he wants to be successful and we want to repeat what the team concept is in our group.

“Felipe, we are talking of a new version of Felipe, but after such a dramatic championship like last year with the accident in Hungary and such a fantastic season, Felipe has all the assets to prove that he is a very successful one, he can prove that he wants to restart his pathway that destiny interrupted it in Hungary. Good luck to both of them.”

The drivers were quick to add their visions of the season ahead, and talk about their feelings on seeing their steed for the first time.

“This is the first time for me, the first presentation for Ferrari, and it is a big emotion for me,” said Fernando Alonso.

“I want to thank the whole team because they have worked really hard in the last few months to create this dream, this new car, and I want to thank sponsors and partners as they have worked hard and there is a lot of passion.

“We are ready to take this challenge and the responsibility to bring it to 100 per cent of its potential. Felipe and I will be a very strong team and we hope we will make all the Ferrari supporters around the world very proud to see this car winning the championship.”

Felipe Massa alluded to his accident in his speech, which he said had made him more determined to be successful than ever before.

“It is undoubtedly a great pleasure to be here at another presentation of Ferrari, it is a special moment because last year was very difficult,” Massa stated.

“I had the accident and everything else that happened. I am proud and very happy and feel that I want to work more than ever, so I would really hope that this will be a very competitive car and we will be fighting for the championship and our Ferrari, the red car, will be in pole position.

“We are really willing to do this and I am happy to be here.”

Massa was due to take the F10 for a shakedown at the Fiorano circuit this afternoon, but the event had to be cancelled because of ice on the track.

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