F1 ‘Fuel allowance’ proposed for 2015

In an attempt to make F1 greener, a new proposed mandate from 2015 will see Formula One teams given a limited amount of fuel to last the season, with the fuel allowance decreasing by 15 percent each following year.

In recent years, the sport has attempted to create a greener vision with ideas such as the Kinetic Energy Reduction System (KERS) – to make F1 more environmentally friendly, road relevant whilst continuing to foster innovation – and a move to V6 engines.

The new proposed directive will see teams given a set amount of fuel at the start of the season. Friday practice will be exempt from the fuel saving mandate; All qualifying and race laps must be run using fuel from the teams’ fuel allowance.

It is understood that the fuel allowance is per team, not per driver, therefore tactics may have a huge part to play towards the end of each season with some drivers potentially sitting out some races to help their team-mates title chances.

After the 2015 season, each following season will see the teams’ fuel allowance reducing by 15 percent. This means that Formula One teams will be forced to either make their cars more fuel efficient or find alternative ways to power their cars. Experts have suggested that some alternative sources of energy may include a mini nuclear reactor, gas turbine, pedal power, or wind power.

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