Ecclestone not ruling out split TV rights in other markets

Bernie Ecclestone has refused to rule out emulating Britain’s controversial new split television rights deal in other key F1 markets.

He was asked about the deal – where half of the grands prix from next year will only be shown live in Britain on pay channel Sky – by Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport.

The interviewer wanted to know if the deal could also be rolled out in Italy, despite free-to-air coverage reportedly being guaranteed in key markets by the Concorde Agreement.

“It’s true, the races in certain countries should be shown free, but it will be in Britain thanks to the agreement we have reached with the BBC to have the races (shown) at six (o’clock) in the evening.”

As for whether it could happen in Italy as well, Ecclestone admitted: “We’ll see, but what has happened in Britain is an unique case.”


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