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Ecclestone labels new teams an ’embarrassment’

FOM Chairman Bernie Ecclestone has attacked the new entrants to F1 for this season, saying that they have been an ’embarrasment’.

The Englishman, who turned 80 last week, showed no sign of mellowing in his old age as he turned his ire on the rookies in the Financial Times.

“They do nothing for us,” the recently-turned 80-year-old told the Financial Times. “They are an embarrassment. We need to get rid of a few of those cripples.”

He went on to propose a solution for Virgin Racing, whose owner Richard Branson has not yet invested perhaps what he might have done.

“Richard should put some money in there (Virgin), shouldn’t he? He could do what (Red Bull chief Dietrich Mateschitz) has done and put some money in.”

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