Ecclestone facing corruption charge on Wednesday

The Gribkowsky corruption affair is expected to return to the F1 headlines on Wednesday.

F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone was questioned by Munich prosecutors in April on suspicion of being involved in the mysterious $50 million payment to the jailed German banker Gerhard Gribkowsky.

The affair surrounds the sale of formula one’s commercial rights to CVC some years ago, with 80-year-old Ecclestone insisting that he will ultimately be “exonerated” of “any wrongdoing”.

But it is only on Wednesday that the Briton will learn whether he has been charged and summoned to court, according to the Guardian.

The Times quotes him as saying: “I have done nothing so I have no idea what charges they could bring.

“I have done what I had to do at all times during this investigation and I have cooperated fully with the people in Germany. As far as I am concerned there are no problems.”

If a charge is brought, it would likely relate to ‘aiding and abetting’ the deliberately wrong valuation of the commercial rights by Gribkowsky, who was then the chief risk manager of BayernLB bank.

London’s Telegraph said it believes Ecclestone has been asked to cooperate by supplying evidence about Gribkowsky on the promise of a lighter sentence such as a monetary penalty.

“As long as it’s not too much. I’m only joking,” he said.

The newspaper also asked Ecclestone if he was aware Tuesday was the six-month deadline for either releasing or charging Gribkowsky: “I’ve not heard anything,” he answered.


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