Dennis: We have plenty of driver options

Ron Dennis believes that there are plenty of options when it comes to finding a replacement for Fernando Alonso. Although many drivers have been linked to the second seat at McLaren, only Lewis Hamilton has yet been confirmed.

Dennis has reiterated that the team are in no hurry to decide who will partner Hamilton next season and he believes there are plenty of drivers to choose from. “We haven t decided yet we are in no hurry,” he explained. “It could be Pedro de la Rosa. There are a lot of options but I can’t name names. The only thing that I know is that we don’t need to rush it. We are working with Hamilton. Once we have decided on his teammate we’ll begin working with him.”

“I don’t think we’ve had problems that aren’t normal,” he continued. “Actually, the only relationship that ended up badly was with Fernando Alonso. We would have liked if things hadn’t finished like that. But there’s nothing we can do now and we are already thinking about 2008.

“I think that if F1 drivers have a difficult temper is because they are winners. Everyone who feels like a winner, when he can’t win, reacts strongly. But you can’t win at all costs. It’s good that they only ambition is to win and that’s what they are hired for, but you have to know how to deal with your impulses and with difficult situations.”

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